Blue Knight Song

Lyrics by Rev. James F. Donelan, S.J.
Revised by Rev. Fr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J.
Men and women knights in blue
For Christ, King, fight strong and true!
With flashing steel and ringing shield
Let us sweep our battlefield!
With visors high and swords in hand,
Come Blue Knights take your stand!
Fight on with virtue, strength renewed
In Our Lady’s white and blue!
Let all you knights of Davao
To God’s high command your hearts bow.
Go onward on to the fight
Where glory is shining bright.
O shake the mountains with your song
And with your banners march along!
Onward, speed you gallant knights!
Trusting God proclaim your right!
The clash of battle is sweet to hear
When the victory is near.
So grateful knights spread o’er the land
To the farthest ocean strand.
With hearty song sing loud the fame
Of our Ateneo name.
(Repeat Chorus)