Vision and Mission

The Ateneo de Davao University is a Catholic, Jesuit and Filipino University.
As a university it is a community engaged in excellent instruction and formation,
robust research, and vibrant community service.
As Catholic, it proceeds ex corde ecclesiae, from the heart of the Church.
As Jesuit, it appropriates the mission of the Society of Jesus and
the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola.
As Filipino, it prepares students to benefit from,
contribute to and engage the global world.
The Ateneo de Davao excels in the formation of leaders
for the Philippine Church and society,
especially for Mindanao. It excels further in the promotion of the faith that does justice,
in cultural sensitivity and transformation,
and in inter-religious dialogue,
particularly with the Muslim and Lumad communities of Mindanao.
It promotes communities touched and transformed by the faith,
communities of peace and human well-being,
culturally resilient yet able to adapt to the modern world.
It promotes social justice, gender equality, good governance,
the creation of wealth and its equitable distribution.
It engages vigorously in environmental protection,
the preservation of bio-diversity, and
the promotion of renewable energy.
It leads in Philippine educational reform,
especially for the peoples of Southern Philippines.
Approved by the Board of Trustees, August 13, 2011