4th Qtr Schedule and SSCT

MAPEH Department
SY 2013-2014

Schedule for the Fourth Quarter

Grade 7
Subject/Component Sections
G7 Music Education G7 Borgia, G7 Chabanel, G7 Favre, G7 de Brito, G7 Gonzaga, G7 Kostka, G7 Regis
G7 Art Education G7 Campion, G7 Canisius, G7 Pignatelli
G7 Physical Education G7 Bellarmine, G7 Berchmans, G7 Jogues


Grade 8
Subject/Component Sections
G8 Art Education G8 de Brito, G8 Jogues, G8 Pignatelli
G8 Physical Education G8 Berchmans, G8 Borgia, G8 Canisius
G8 Health Education G8 Bellarmine, G8 Campion, G8 Favre, G8 Gonzaga, G8 Kostka, G8 Regis, G8 Xavier


3rd Year
Subject/Component Sections
Physical Education 3 3 Canisius, 3 de Brito, 3 Favre, 3 Gonzaga, 3 Jogues, 3 Kostka, 3 Pignatelli
Health Education 3 3 Bellarmine, 3 Berchmans, 3 Borgia, 3 Campion, 3 Chabanel, 3 Regis, 3 Xavier


4th Year
Subject/Component Sections
Physical Education 4 4 Bellarmine, 4 Berchmans, 4 Borgia, 4 Campion, 4 Regis, 4 Xavier
Music Education 4 4 Canisius, 4 de Brito, 4 Favre, 4 Gonzaga, 4 Jogues, 4 Kostka, 4 Pignatelli