Independence Day 2015 (with video)

Proud to be Pinoy! Proud to be Atenista!

Being a Filipino is a gift from our Creator. It is the gift being able to experience the world in the context and paradigm of a Filipino Citizen. Every gift entails a certain kind of responsibility and commitment. And therefore now, we are going to express our intention of making a responsible commitment to take good care of our gift as a Filipino People.

Act of Commitment

I _____________________ am willing to commit myself to responsible Filipino citizenship which entails a full respect and obedience to the laws and policies of my beloved country. As part of the youth, I am willing to create a promising future not only for myself but for my beloved country as well. I am willing to generously share my abilities for the welfare of the Filipino Nation. Above all, I will continue to nourish my passion and love for my unique Filipino identity as this is a precious gift from the Creator.