Campus Ministry Office


The Campus Ministry Office (CMO) envisions members of the community who are set aflame by the love of God, anchored on the person and teaching of Jesus, rooted in the spirituality of St. Ignatius advocating the humanistic tradition of Jesuit Education and empowered by the Holy Spirit to recognize their own dignity and worth so that they may reach out to others and collaborate in building God's kingdom here on earth.


The Campus Ministry Program is an expression of the Church's special desire to be present to everyone in the school community and in the local community where the school is located. It seeks to proclaim the Good News and gather all members of the community on campus: to form faith community, to form a Christian conscience, to live faith that does justice, to facilitate personal development and to help develop future leaders for the Church and society.


The office assists the Assistant Principal for Formation in the continuous spiritual formation for students, administrators, faculty, staff and parents (i.e., recollections, retreats, liturgical and para-liturgical celebration, the dispensing of the sacraments-especially Eucharist and Reconciliation, prayer services and devotional prayers and the Christian Service and Learning Program CSLP).