Student Activities


Student clubs/organizations are a major source of interaction and involvement at the Ateneo de Davao High School. They are an essential part of the Ateneo de Davao High School community and are an integral part of the total academic program. Our wide variety of student organizations reflects a diversity of student interests. Co-curricular involvement through student organizations allows students to explore, broadens their interests, tests and improves skills in leadership, interpersonal relations, organizational development and group dynamics. The presence of a diverse group of organizations is in the best interest of the high school and its students. Such organizations foster valuable experiences for students that lead to significant learning and development and create a sense of belonging.

Student organizations provide a valuable service to the high school community by promoting leadership development, community spirit, public service and social and even cultural interaction.


The Office of the Coordinator for Student Activities (OCSA) envisions a mutually supportive, positive, symbiotic and inter-active learning environment in which every club member has the opportunity to develop their academic, communication, leadership, aesthetic and athletic skills through meaningful and productive club activities that will foster self confidence and personal growth making them more God centered, compassionate, committed, competent and conscientious. It further empowers themto achieve their full potential both in academic and non-academic undertakings to make him a well-rounded individual.

Clubs and Organizations

The different clubs and organizations in Ateneo de Davao High School, reinforce learning by developing the skills of the students in the different academic and non-academic fields. They include all activities that are concerned with the improvement and enhancement of the academic experience and some go beyond the requirements of the academic instruction. They include all activities that are geared towards developing their performing, aesthetic, artistic, culinary, musical and athletic skills.

Student Activity Center

The Student Activity Center is the crossroads for community life at Ateneo high school, serving all members of the high school in a celebration of diversity and student life. The student activity center is more than a building: It is an organization and a program. It contributes cultural, social and recreational programs and services that are integral parts of the high school mission. It serves as a laboratory for training students in social responsibility and for leadership in a complex society. It encourages self-directed activity and the free exchange of ideas.

The Center provides and promotes maximum opportunity for self-realization and growth in individual social competency and group effectiveness. Its goal is the development of the whole person. As the "living room" of the high school, the Student Activity Center is a unifying force in campus life, cultivating enduring regard for and loyalty to Ateneo high school. The Student Activity Center is located in the second floor of the Martinez Sports Center.

SY 2017-2018

President Michel Rema B. Tumulak
Vice President Kenneth Zoe S. Madridondo
Secretary General Monica Gwen T. Cortes
Treasurer Czarmaine Esther D. Gupeteo
Auditor Leonardo Alfonso L. Ganade
P.R.O. Ralph Rae E. Pahinado
Chairman of Core Group Volunteers  Liam Nicko A. Añonuevo
Grade 10 Lourdz Francis L. Magno
  Jillianne Andre B. Erispe
Grade 9 Jose Nell Andrew B. Tumulak
  Silas S. Chiew
Grade 8 Philipina B. Gutierrez
  Denise Angela R. Diamante
Grade 7 Kim Angelo B. New
  Simone Claudia C. Sandique