Student Development Center

The Student Development Center (SDC), the guidance and counseling office of the Ateneo High School envisions confident, resilient, and academically excellent students by facilitating their psychological -emotional growth through systematized and structured services. It assists each individual to become a fully functional person capable of maintaining healthy social relationships, performing as a responsible citizen of the community and capable of being part of the larger community and contributing to the society.

Guidance and Counseling, broadly interpreted, is the concern of every faculty member, class moderator and the SDC staff. The guidance program includes the following services.

  1. 1. Individual Analysis/Inventory Service
  2. 2. Counseling Service
  3. 3. Testing Service
  4. 4. Orientation and Information Service
  5. 5. Placement Service
  6. 6. Vocational and Career Guidance Service
  7. 7. Remedial and Enrichment Service
  8. 8. Referral and Follow-up Service
  9. 9. Psychology Education Class
  10. 10. Research and Evaluation Service
  11. 11. Service to the Administrators, Parents and Teachers